Outdoor Corporate Offsites, Team Building Activities, and Meeting Spaces

Reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve personal and professional wellness on your team. We specialize in ensuring the success of strategic offsites and annual planning meetings for small to mid-sized leadership teams.

About WorkShift

No Nonsense Team Building

Go home with stories worth telling to your clients and family. We believe in an organic approach to teambuilding through shared outdoor experiences in beautiful natural settings. No building arbitrary structures using tape, no one will be put "on the spot", and no trust falls. Ever. We promise.

Stay Sharp

Learn to optimize time to avoid inefficiency and exhaustion by the end of the day. Our curriculum is based on Attention Restoration Theory and pairs working sessions with periods of relaxation and attention restoration breakouts.

Always Fresh; Never Frozen

The total freeze of productivity during corporate team building activities is a problem. Why should you have to forfeit production to get bonding? Take the offsite camaraderie straight into the meeting space. Get a change of scenery without blowing up your inbox and falling behind.


Unique Corporate Team Building Activities

A unique four day, turn-key strategic offsite for teams who are motivated by new experiences, enjoy pushing the edges of what is possible, and passionate about moving business forward by bettering the whole human.

Our curriculum, based on the Attention Restoration Theory, will provide breakout trainings to ensure your team stays productive all day, and are given the tools to transform the way work is done moving forward. The natural setting and our organic “less-is-more” approach to team building will provide ample opportunity for your team to share quality time together.

Everything is taken care of - the cabins were built by African craftspeople, the food is gathered locally and professionally prepared, daily customized yoga classes, massages for each team member, guided scenic hikes, unique outdoor activities, and lots of laughter. Send your team home with stories worth telling, and level up your business at the same time.

This one/two day offsite is for local teams looking to have their most effective workday. Whether it's your next strategic offsite, conference, or looming deadline, the Texas Focus Day will make the most of bringing your team together.

Most teams don’t choose to optimize their time, so naturally they slip towards inefficiency and exhaustion by the end of the day. Our curriculum pairs professional working sessions with breakouts of intentional relaxation and activities designed to rejuvenate keeping focus high all day.

Venue, restorative breakouts, and catered food is provided. What your team does in the meeting room is your business

Light a fire

Make your next meeting or team building activity the most productive and rewarding.

Our Guides

Braden DeLonay

Braden DeLonay


    Braden is an educated survivalist, an experienced teacher, and a certified Xchange guide. Braden is comfortable facilitating progress for others in the woods, or in the conference room. He has been outside with groups of all ages sharing skills in sustainability, nature connection, and team building since 2009. Sharing how we can most effectively leverage our relationship to nature to make us all our best has been his passion for his entire adult life.

    Michael DiMauro

    Michael DiMauro


      After earning an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Business, Mike went on to pursue a six year residential mentoring program with one of the top wilderness skills schools in the country to undergo intense and unique survival, nature connection, leadership, and facilitation training. Since 2009 he has helped thousands of youth and adults enrich their lives through outdoor experiences and continues to hone his craft of what it means to be a Nature Mentor. He lives a simple life, off-the-grid, and splits his time between two communities: a permaculture farm in the Austin, TX area and a wilderness skills school in the woods of Maine.

      Cole Chance

      Cole Chance

      Wellness Coordinator

      Cole is an international retreat leader, provides online classes at Om Yoga Tribe, and a Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist specializing the Thai Yoga Massage. She is currently residing and teaching in Bali but travels around the world sharing her passions and always remaining a humble student.


      • Extremely engaging, innovative, creative, all the things that make a marketing team perform at their best.

        Cristina B.
      • Everything we did relaxed me and reset my focus in between work sessions. I loved the loud silence of the barefoot nature walk!

        Brian K.
      • It was a great way to break up the day and I felt energized at the end of the day.

        Danna L.
      • Fire building was really cool. The overall effect was positive. It was nice to be outside between sessions.

        Kent A.

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